Our Founder

Tribute to our Founder, Tim Healion

Tim, this is all your fault.

No, really, it is.

Tim Healion, a bike messenger from Boston, local bike racer, and restauranteur, once held a customer appreciation party for his coffee shop customers.  At some point in that whole party-process-thing, a bike race broke out.  Nobody knows if it was planned or if it was a spontaneous battle when somebody slurred, “I bet I can beat you to that stop sign over there!”

Well, however it began, it is Tim Healion’s creative head that fostered it, grew it into its various incarnations, and handed it off to us mere mortals to carry it forward.  Tim’s humor and foresight haunt the Tour de Nez.  The Tour de Nez is as infused with its founder as the Very Berry Smoothie is with kale at Tim’s new restaurant, The Laughing Planet.

This one’s for you, Supreme Commander.