Little City Stage Race

The Little City Stage Race won’t be happening in 2017, but stay tuned for 2018. The race is a three-event omnium staged in downtown Minden and in the Woodfords-Diamond Valley Road area to the southwest of Minden.

A what?

An “omium” is a multi-event, multi-day race [criterium + road race + time trial] in which a rider accumulates points in each event which are added together to determine the overall winner for each division.  It is fun and grueling all at the same time.

The design of all these races makes it easy for family and friends to cheer you on as you pass by them multiple times.  The design also lets you tell yourself how tough you are for surviving three events in two days.  Finally, the design lets you embellish your race stories because epic events have that effect on people!  . . . and this IS an epic event.